With the ever-changing landscape of technology, your business’ online presence should consist of more than just a pretty website. Having a strong online presence enables you to compete with competitors for continuous business success.

The Internet can sustain business growth which allows any kind of business to benefit from having an online presence. Studies show that 65% of consumers conduct product and / or service searches prior to making their purchase decision. If you don’t have a strong online presence you are missing out on potential sales. It is also important to ensure that once visitors land up on your website, you convert them to leads or clients.

To ensure your website has a good conversion rate, it should (among others) be informative and user-friendly and the content should always be up-to-date. The website should be easy to navigate and all links should be working. Make it easy for visitors to find additional and relevant information on your website by making use of interlinking. If a visitor can’t find what they are looking for, they will leave your website and continue their search somewhere else. If your business is product-based, consider integrating an online store and / or FAQ section on your website. It might be expensive but you are sure to reap the fruit of your investment. Update your website regularly with new content such as promotions and competitions, product reviews or press releases where applicable.

A blog is another tool that can be used to direct traffic to your site and add a personal touch to a corporate website. Through the content you post on the blog you can show visitors among others that you are an expert in your field by discussing various issues important to prospective clients. If you have social media profiles, be sure to incorporate them on your website.

It is important to have an online marketing strategy and know what goals you want to achieve through your online marketing channels. Once the online strategy is created and implemented, track and measure the success of the tactics you implement. The best way to improve the performance of your website is to continuously measure, tweak and try out new tactics.

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