By Ralph Francois on June 14, 2011 at 3:27 pm

What do web design clients want? Success for their websites, more sales, more customers, more visitors, easy maintenance, and all of their business goals met - through their website alone. What do designers and developers, those of us that actually make the websites, care about? Validation, web standards, creating something we can proudly put in our portfolio, and getting the job done that satisfies the client in a quick and easy way.

Convincing Clients to Care About the Little Things in Website Creation

However, as anyone who has been making websites for any amount of time knows, clients could care less about some of the things that are essential in the web development process. A client doesn't care if the website validates. They often don't care about giving you, the designer, the content up front in a timely matter - 'Just get the design done, and we can worry about that later!' they say.

Let's get them to care. The way we do that is we have to turn our own needs and wants from clients into something they can care about. We just need to explain to them why these areas really do match up with their goals, needs, and wants in their website. In this article, we'll discuss some common areas where clients may not understand or care completely about what is essential to the website creation process, and how we can turn that around.

Wireframes & Planning

Wireframes can be pretty abstract to a client. They want to see a design, and work from there to make revisions, change content around, and more. On top of that, they want to make design-related decisions as well, at the same time as the layout and feature changes. Of course, though, from a designer's perspective, this really complicates things. Not only can it result in a design that does not adequately meet the client's needs (whether they see that result or not), but it can also slow down the entire web development process dramatically.

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So how can a designer convince a web design client that this wireframing stage and any other pre-planning stages are essential to the final result? How can we get them to pay attention, care, and see wireframes like we do?

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