By Ralph Francois on April 13, 2011 at 1:16 pm
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I watched a commercial a while back about how "The things we make, make us" and this makes even greater sense in web development the fact that what you make...make you. For the last seven years, I have worked for several companies, each with a different approach; money first, work first and in some cases, companies which believe that the amount of work they do is proportional do the size of the account. At Devlogic Inc. our approach is and will always be to concentrate on getting our clients the best work possible and worry about how much the project or the account worth. The best way to make sure we keep these standards alive is by following a simple guideline for each project:

  • We don't recycle codes, each project brings its own challenges and we approach each differently from older projects, new meeting, new design, new proposal, new coding specifications.
  • Differently from other web development companies, we don't use templates (unless the client brings its own), each website we build is a brand new DevLogic Production, that's why we are proud to add our logo in the footer of the site.
  • We follow web standards, we build validated codes, browser tested, clean and SEO ready work that each client can be proud of.
  • Our portfolio is who we are, it will be stronger as we grow, it will be an image of the kind of work we are trying to do but even better, big or small projects, the work we do will look as great.


DevLogic Inc. going forward will be focusing more on one city, we will continue to push our services everywhere but focus on New England so we can better serve our clients and do the best work possible. We are also looking into more partnership, charity involvements, and the best way to serve the community and be part of great accomplishments.

We are who we are and this logo will be identified as excellence, attention to details and great expectations... let us be the company behind your image!


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